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Here at The Green Frog we strive to give you the best experience that we can. Whether it be the long list of musical guests from far and wide, the long tap list of local and regional beers and ciders, the impressive whiskey list, the extensive and delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwich menu, or the mouth watering goodness of our house-smoked BBQ, The Green Frog is your place to find your smile!
In business since 2005, we have gone through many changes, but we have stood fast to our principle of being a community hub for music and a friendly gathering place to enjoy the best libations and food that we can get our hands on.
There are many choices out there, but there is only one The Green Frog, and we would be delighted to make your acquaintance for the first time or shake your hand once again. We know that we can't do what we do unless you do what you do. We can't express our appreciation enough!
Go ahead and peruse the music calendar along with the food and drink menus. We think they look pretty good, but experiencing them for yourself is where the magic happens!